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Four-Wheel Drive Transfer Cases in Sacramento, California

Setting Your Truck Apart From the Crowd

You didn’t buy a big truck just so you could blend in.
Trucks are powerful. They’re built to do more than linger in traffic or pick up groceries. You want to do everything you can within your vehicle’s capacities, but you might need to swap out the transfer case for something with better transmission power. Doing so might give you more freedom to enjoy your vehicle. However, it might cost you a pretty penny just to get the right parts.
4-wheel Drive Transfer Cases
That’s where we come in. Cordova Truck Dismantlers has served the wider Sacramento area since 1978, giving vehicle owners the leverage they need to take on the biggest and meanest four-wheeling experiences on this side of the Sierras. We can get you a transfer case that works for your vehicle and your budget.

Traction and Torque in a Single Package

A transfer case is the magic box that makes four-wheel driving a possibility for your truck.
Whereas a normal transmission offers the gears to get you up to speed on the highway, a transfer case serves to lock in your vehicle’s traction so it can scale steep hills, rough it over rocky terrain and wrestle its way through muddy slips. Without the right transfer case, your transmission just can’t quite get the grip on rocky or dangerous landscapes. The right machinery can make all the difference.

Take to the Hills With Our Ample Services

We know the strong appeal of California’s golden hills. Who wouldn’t want to drive on something like that? If you go the way of standard vehicle services, an upgrade or adjustment to your transfer case might break your budget. You might feel like you just don’t have the cash on hand to get your truck in shape for bigger hills and challenges.
Don’t sweat or fret about it. In our four decades of working in this business, we’ve seen countless quality transfer cases come through our doors. We have a number of them on hand at any given time, all available at affordable prices.
Come to our shop sometime and check out our inventory. We know we have the parts you need.