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What to Look for in a Rebuilt Engine


When replacing the engine in your vehicle, cost is often a factor in deciding to purchase a rebuilt (recycled) engine over a brand-new one. Rebuilt engines cost up to $3,000 on average and can be more expensive. Brand-new engines can often be more than twice as expensive as rebuilt motors.

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Signs You Need a New Transfer Case and Where to Get One


The transfer case in your car is responsible for making the four wheel or all wheel drive components operate effectively. Your auto's transfer case sends signals to your wheels' axles, telling your automobile to go into four wheel drive from two wheel without having to get out of the vehicle and lock your hubs.

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5 Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Recycled Transmission


Many of the recycled transmissions sold by auto salvagers are both reliable and affordable, but they aren't all the same. To find the very best recycled transmission that's compatible with your vehicle, you should ask several questions. Here are five of them.

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