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When to Replace a Transmission System

Manual Transmission

The transmission system is what makes your car move because it links the engine to the wheels of the car. Since the transmission is such an important part of the car, motorists with problematic transmission systems often wonder whether to replace the transmission. Here are some circumstances in which a transmission replacement makes sense.

You Have Repaired the Transmission a Lot

You should consider replacing your car's transmission system if it has had many problems lately. A replacement makes sense because transmission problems are rarely the cheapest to fix. After all, the transmission system is one of the most expensive and sensitive parts of the car.

If you've plugged a transmission leak, had erratic shifting, and had funny noises coming from the transmission when you shift in the last month, this could be the right time for a replacement. With so frequent repairs, you are just delaying the inevitable, and the sooner you replace the transmission the sooner you will be free of the constant repairs.

The Transmission Has Clocked Hundreds of Thousands of Miles

Transmission systems, just like other parts of the car, don't last forever. Some can fail just after a few thousands of miles while others can go as high as 200,000 miles. Pinpointing exactly when your car's transmission will fail is not easy since this all depends on how you have used and taken care of the car.

However, the older the transmission system is, the more likely it is to fail — this is particularly true if it has clocked over a hundred thousand miles. Therefore, if your transmission system develops a problem around the 200,000-mile mark, replacing it is best because it will most likely fail soon anyway.

The Transmission Repair Estimate Is High

You don't have to replace the transmission system every time it develops a problem. Depending on the extent of the issue, you can sometimes repair the transmission to prolong its useful life. However, transmission repairs are not always cheap. In some cases, the repair bill can be close to the replacement cost.

For example, repairing a transmission system for $3,700 doesn't make sense if you can replace it for $4,000. In most cases, a replacement transmission will last much longer than a repaired transmission.

The Transmission Has Failed

Cases exist where a transmission system has so many serious problems that you have no option but to replace it. An example of such a case is a transmission system that has suffered serious physical damage in a car accident. Another example is when a transmission system has simply stopped working because it is worn out and falling apart.

In such cases, your mechanic will most likely advise you to replace the transmission as a permanent solution for the failure.

The Car Is Still in a Good Condition

When deciding whether to replace a transmission system, you should also consider the overall condition of a car. The condition of the car is an essential factor here because you might waste money on spending thousands of dollars replacing a transmissions system for a car that you may soon replace.

For example, you probably wouldn't want to use $4,000 to replace the transmission of a car that is only worth $6,000. Therefore, before replacing the transmission system, first determine that the car's engine is in good condition, the frame is still intact, and you can still drive it for some years.

The good news is that you don't have to buy a new transmission system to replace your problematic one. At Cordova Truck Dismantlers, we have used transmission systems (among other car parts) at reasonable prices that you can use to fix your car.