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When to Replace Your Worn-Out Shocks

Shock absorber

Shock absorbers are one of the most important safety items on any vehicle. Unfortunately, unpredictable wearing damage could cause early shock and strut failure. When shocks and struts fail too quickly, first-time teen drivers might be at a higher risk of serious accidents. 

Therefore, teenagers who just purchased a used car need to understand the dangers of shock wear, how to diagnose shock wear, and why professional repair is so smart. Just as importantly, teens with shock problems should consider the benefits of installing high-quality recycled parts.

Shocks Need Occasional Replacement 

The shocks of a vehicle are one of the most important ways of protecting the engine and tires from damage. However, shocks have a tendency to wear out and require replacement or repair. For example, many mechanics and car repair experts state that the shocks absorbers should be inspected every 12,000 miles or so. A simple inspection should spot most shock problems. 

For example, car owners can spot wear-and-tear on the shocks that make the car run unevenly on the road. Wear-and-tear damage includes breaks in the surface of the shock and worn down treads along the length of a shock. However, shock damage can also spread to the struts, which help support the shock absorbers and evenly distribute serious driving force. 

Thankfully, the struts on a vehicle don't need inspection or replacement as often as shock absorbers. Therefore, most mechanics state that replacement or repair is necessary only every 50,000 miles or so. That said, damage may still affect shocks and struts long before the mechanic-suggested mileage has passed, which is why auto owners must understand signs of serious shock problems. 

Symptoms of Shock Problems 

When shocks and struts suffer from unexpected wear and tear, the affected car will drive in a variety of unpredictable and potentially dangerous ways. For example, heavy winds will cause a car with damaged shocks to sway heavily or slide with the force. That kind of excessive movement is dangerous for any driver, particularly if the shock absorbers aren't doing a good job. 

In fact, braking might cause the same kind of swaying whenever a person tries to stop. Frighteningly, an affected car may be unable to stop quickly enough when shocks and struts are damaged. Unfortunately, the symptoms of work shocks may sneak up on a driver and catch them by surprise when least expected. 

However, more subtle symptoms of worn shocks and struts help to more quickly alert drivers of a problem. For example, uneven wear on a tire is the first symptom of shock and strut issues. Unfortunately, uneven tire wear can make driving even more unpredictable and seriously put the life of the car owner at risk. And anyone trying to replace shocks on their own could make the problem worse. 

Shock Replacement is a Complex Process

Young and ambitious teen mechanics may think that they have the skill to repair damaged shock absorbers and struts. Unfortunately, amateur repair of delicate shocks and struts could cause more harm than good. For example, repairing a shock absorber requires checking the spring compressor, raising the vehicle in the air, removing the wheel, and taking off the damaged shock or strut. 
After removing the strut, amateur mechanics must replace the damaged shock with a new one, carefully lubricate the proper areas, and tighten all the connectors. Sadly, many amateur teen drivers will find that their car drives worse because they made a replacement mistake. Therefore, professional replacement with recycled shock parts is a wise decision.

Recycled Shocks and Struts are a Wise Investmen

Teenager drivers looking to replace their shocks and struts should consider recycled parts. Recycled shocks and struts are both environmentally-friendly and less expensive than brand new shocks and struts. Just as important, recycled parts are nearly as strong and reliable as new parts and provide years of high-quality service. Contact Cordova Truck Dismantlers to learn more.