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Recycled Engines and Parts in Sacramento, California

We Only Sell You the Best We Have

We understand the reputation that salvage yards can have, especially when it comes to parts and reliability. We know perhaps more than anyone just how important a working engine can be for a truck’s longevity. To that end, we at Cordova Truck Dismantlers make it our baseline policy that we’re not in this business to sell you junk; we’re here to give you the equipment your vehicle needs.
As such, we subject each and every engine we come across to a rigorous series of tests. When we recycle an engine and decide if it’s roadworthy, we do our utmost to make sure that it fits your expectations.
Recycled Engines

Rely on Our Engine Program Today

Our engine-testing program is as extensive as we can make it. We do more than turn the engine on and off. We test everything, from oil pressure and temperatures to rod and main bearings, component conditions, compression testing and more.
If it doesn’t pass, we don’t sell it. We’ve been at this for four decades. In that time, we’ve come to recognize that our reputation is more important than a convenient sale. Unless otherwise noted, all engines sold by us come with a 100-day limited warranty. This warranty depends on proper installation, but that’s still better than most salvage yards can offer.
We’re not a junkyard. We do our best to give you the quality of products that your daily transport deserves.

Consult With Your Local Truck Fanatics

Our team works with trucking services and products with a passion. We’re not part-time technicians or corporate salesmen.
Much to the contrary, we’re here to make a difference, for both you and this beautiful planet of ours. We know that a properly recycled engine can save more than just a few bucks. It can help save the environment better than any soda can or plastic bottle.
Allow us to give you the difference in quality that you’re looking for. We’re just one phone call away.