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Recycled and Salvaged Transmissions in Sacramento, California

Keep it Running With One of Our Transmissions

A vehicle can’t run without a transmission. Transmissions provide the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels. If your transmission is out of commission, the wheels simply don’t turn and you don’t go anywhere.
Of course, cars break down or get scrapped for other reasons. If a truck gets wrecked, it's as a whole might be unusable but the transmission could still be perfectly serviceable. That means that a salvager can have a perfectly usable transmission on hand, even if the rest of the car has gone to waste.
Recycled and Salvaged Transmissions
Here at Cordova Truck Dismantlers, we have quite a number of transmissions available for inspection and purchase. Check out our supplies if you’re in need of a replacement transmission and see if we have what you’re looking for.

Your Vehicle Can Remain Roadworthy

For four decades, our shop has catered to the needs of Sacramento’s finest. We know the reputation that salvage yards get. Trust us when we say that we’re not just another junkyard. We only sell the best of our inventory to our customers. We always prioritize our customers’ experiences over our personal convenience. You don’t have to settle for less. Don’t invest in just any transmission; get it from the people who vet everything they sell. Our transmissions will make the difference that you’ll notice the moment you get behind your wheel.

Stop by Our Shop for Assistance Today

We want to do more than give you the product you’re looking for. Most businesses can do that.
What we want is to make a difference. Recycling a completely fine transmission will save car manufacturers the trouble of making a new one. We can take care of our ecological footprint one customer at a time.
When it comes to vehicle repairs and services, do more than just fix your truck. Help your community and your planet by working with our team today. We know that you’ll see the difference.